The bord of Aalto Tennis and active members arrange different activities related to tennis. The activities vary yearly and the events always reflects their makers. Below you can find examples of events we have organized throughout the years. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to take part in organizing events for the club!

Coaching courses

Aalto Tennis organizes both shorter and longer tennis courses throughout the year for palyers of different levels. The courses are mainly held at Esport Center in Espoo. The coaching is of high-quality and therefore the courses have been really popular.

Follow our Facebook-page where we post information about new courses usually in the beginning of a new season. We have a digital sign up and usually we fill the spots by first come first served. The prices vary slightly every season but they are always planned to fit the student budget.

Game days

Game days are often organized in the beginning of a new season. In these events you get familiar with the people of Aalto Tennis and the sport itself. Game days are usually free and you don’t need any previous experience in tennis. Game days are a great chance to find new palying partners and to get to know the club!

Saturday Tennis

Saturday Tennis is a weekly game day at Esport Center where members get to play tennis for two hours for a cheap price. There have usually been 3-4 courts reserved and about 16 participants each Saturday. Basic tennis skills are required to be able to join the event. Saturday Tennis is a great event because it makes it possible to play tennis even if you don’t have a regular playing partner! The sign up for the event is posted on our Facebook-page.


It is common that Aalto Tennis organizes an internal tournament in the end of a season. Taking part in a tournament is a great way to test the skills learnt in coaching courses and, all in all, to get experience in competing.


We like to go watch professional tennis both near and a little more far a away always when it is possible. Throughout the years we have enjoyed, for example, the Davis Cup and Fed Cup matches played in Finlan and, on top of that, we have also been to the Stockholm Open and French Open. 

Get togehters

Kick off events, Christmas parties and other get togehters are also typical events of Aalto Tennis.